Music To Your Home

“Music is major part of life that begins right from infancy and continues on into every facet of life. From developing motor skills to movement and memory, music naturally plays a role. Learning a musical skill has many benefits that will enhance life at every stage and at every age. For children, acquiring musical skills gives them a way to express themselves with structure that allows for form that is all their own. Imagine if Sergei Rachmaninov or Myra Hess never learned to play the piano. The world would have missed out on some of the most talented and meaningful music created. The benefits of attaining musical skills are far-reaching and limitless.

Music to your home, A company that started in 2003 by the talented husband and wife team, Vincent & Tracy Reina, brings the highest quality music lessons available right to your home. Vincent Reina has been teaching in-home piano lessons since 1997, and Tracy studied classical voice at the Crane School of music before starting her successful career as a television producer.

Music to your home offers in-home music lessons for students who range in age from 3 to 73, with extensive choices and schedules that are sure to meet your needs. Music to your home offers lessons in New York City and the surrounding areas including Rockland County New York, Northern New Jersey and Manhattan, from the Upper East Side to Wall Street with the most highly qualified instructors who are eager to help draw out the musical talents of students of all ages.

Unlock the hidden potential that is waiting to be expressed. Visit Music To Your Home at:, where you’ll find all the information you need to get started, and testimonials from people who have greatly benefited through the lessons they offer.”
Music To Your Home
Music To Your Home

235 E 95th St, New York, NY 10128

(646) 606-2515


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